Making newspapers interactive with QR Codes

Some people believe that newspapers are bound to disappear totally, especially with the advent of devices such as the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, and soon, the HP Pad. But, is that for sure? Will it be? There’s a solution that could help them become interactive and connect the printed edition of a newspaper with its digital edition and give access to the reader to related content online.

How? Well, with the use of QR Codes. Remember that QR Codes can store literally any information we want, links, electronic business card information, and so on and so forth. So, picture this, you’re reading the newspaper and there’s an article talking about the latest address by President Obama, the articles describes what was said but you also see a QR Code on the bottom corner of a picture of the president. You take your iPhone app or your Android App of choice and scan the code… voilà! President Obama appears on your phone screen and you can hear the complete address as many times as you want.

Your newspaper has become interactive. Or how about you get to the sports section and read about the play that allowed the Packers to win the SuperBowl? Oh but there’s a QR Code there also on the picture, you scan and the video appears and you see the play as it happened.

But not just video, you can be sent to a webpage or see a picture gallery, or practically anything else you can think of.  Imagine being able to see a movie trailer by just scanning a code. Wow. Now that’s an interesting newspaper. Still printed, yet interactive.

As you can see QR codes are now becoming the missing link between printed materials and the digital world, and this is of course, the parallel result of the increasing arrival of cheaper and more sophisticated smartphones that can go online and can have a QR code reader installed on them.

Now let’s throw the question again: Are newspapers going to disappear? No if they harness the power of QR Codes and give them good use to make each part of the publication a link to more exciting and interesting material online.

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  1. You can actually do this same thing vary easily with the QR droid app from the market… Not saying its gonna look as nice but still it will work

  2. Awesome post dude its so much informative for the followers and so much helpful also.I appreciate you for this great post. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

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