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The Problem with Traditional Contact Cards

The contact card is a fundamental business tool globally used to facilitate business. Millions of contact cards are produced daily to support business transactions, yet very few people realize the problems associated with this form of business communication.

In this age of environmental responsibility, especially in the wake of concerns related to Global Warming and corresponding green initiatives, one simply cannot overlook the environmental cost of producing and using contact cards in their present form.

Attention is hereby drawn to the following issues which arise as a result of the production and use of contact cards in their PRESENT form:

Environmental Degradation – Most contact cards are made of paper or plastic – materials that are NOT completely biodegradable, meaning they pollute the environment when they are discarded. Further, production of these materials exerts a huge toll on the environment via hydrocarbon emissions and production of toxic or non-biodegradable by-products.

Depletion of Natural Resources – In the production of paper and plastic (materials used for contact card production), huge amounts of natural resources, some non-renewable, are exhausted. Trees are felled and petroleum is used up – amounting to waste of natural resources which have alternate economic and environmental uses.

Economic Waste – Millions of dollars are expended annually on the production of paper and plastic for use in contact cards. These cards eventually get discarded, leading to enormous economic waste.

Redundancy and Reduced Efficiency – In today’s technological world, advances such as the internet and mobile phones have rendered traditional contact cards redundant, as most business professionals have digital equivalents on which they rely for all their business communications, reducing the contact card to a mere formality. Hence an investment in contact cards amounts to a literal waste of organizational resources, reducing the efficiency of organizational production.

How These Problems Affect Your Business

Interestingly, all of these problems have effects on the business environment as well. Consider that:

  • Depletion of non-renewable resources such as petroleum leads to higher energy costs, and higher operational costs for your business
  • The degradation of the environment results in health problems for all, including your staff, which leads to increased down-time and reduced productivity.
  • Contact cards are redundant – you get them, copy off the contact data to your mobile phone or PDA, and discard them. Yet businesses spend millions yearly printing them – a waste of organizational resources on what is fast becoming a mere formality.
  • Contact cards have a short lifespan, and are discarded after vital contact information is extracted from them. These are the same cards that cost millions to produce annually. This literal economic waste can contribute to problems with the economy over time, which in turn affects your business.

Technology – The Way Out

Today’s business technology provides a suitable way out of this problem, as the modern day business professional is exposed to a number of devices including Smartphones, PDA’s and other Internet-enabled devices which provide support for contact management, eliminating the need for paper or plastic contact cards.

Electronic contact management is essentially Green technology, coming at no relatively significant cost to the environment. Further, businesses are increasingly adopting technology-driven processes, so redundancy is reduced greatly, and efficiency is increased.

QR Virtual Card Technology from – A Total Green Solution for Your Business

QR (Quick Response) Technology is based on QR Codes, which are popular in mobile phones, smartphones, and other similar devices. QR Codes are used for conveniently storing information in such a way as can be easily read by a mobile device with a camera.

When we consider that most current business communication technology tend to be incorporated into mobile devices, we see the reason why the QR code is a suitable and convenient basis for creating a technology that solves the problems associated with the use of paper or plastic contact cards. is proud to announce the QR Virtual Business Card. With this FREE product from, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Create a Virtual Contact Card from Our Gallery of Templates for FREE – The YPrintit application allows you to create beautiful virtual cards from a gallery of hundreds of templates for FREE. There is absolutely NO cost involved. Simply visit the site, create a FREE account and start making cards! See for details on how to get started.

Electronically Send And Receive Virtual Contact Cards – Using the YPrintit Application, you can send and receive any number of virtual cards using a Smartphone equipped with a QR Code Reader or Camera. Here’s how:

Maintain a Rolodex of Virtual Contact Cards – With the new YPrintit application, you’ll NEVER need a rolodex again, because now you have your own virtual rolodex – right on your Smartphone! Keep a smart directory of all your Virtual Contact Cards, with hot access to one-touch dialing, emailing and location, depending on the data on the virtual card! See

What are the Advantages of QR Virtual Cards?

They are FREE – The QR Virtual Cards are completely FREE of charge. So now you can create any number of cards for free!

They are Green – The QR Virtual Cards constitute NO HARM to the environment. They are safe to create and share, and represent a truly GREEN alternative to paper and plastic cards.

Exchange Cards Remotely and On the Go – With Virtual Cards from, it is no longer necessary to have a physical meeting before contact cards can be exchanged. You can now exchange cards over the Internet using the unique QR code of each card – all you need is a camera or QR code reader and an internet connection!

Send Cards From Your Phone To Anywhere – With QR Cards from, it is now possible to send cards from you phone to anywhere on the internet. You can upload your card to a website, a document or your contact’s phone – anywhere, as long as it supports QR codes!

Receive Cards From Anywhere – You can receive QR Cards from Anywhere!

Unlimited Number of Virtual Contact Cards – You can save any number of virtual cards on your rolodex!


The QR Virtual Cards and the YPrintit Application are targeted for Smartphones. Currently, the YPrintit application is only available for the iPhone. Go to to download your free copy! Versions of YPrintit for Android and Blackberry are soon to be released, so stay tuned!

Support – Get Info, Sign Up, Download and Go!

Visit now to get started! Create a FREE account, download the YPrintit application, and begin creating and sharing FREE Virtual cards today! Be sure to check out the FAQ section to get some answers.

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