QR Codes: Tourist Aid, innovative and useful. – 001

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Well, we’re back again and this time we have found another interesting and innovative use for QR Codes, this time, we have learned how QR Codes can help make a tourist visit a better experience, how you ask?

QR Codes can be placed in sings either in the entrance or near important landmarks so people can scan them with the QR Reader application of their choosing and get detailed information about the place they’re visiting, either in form of simple text or being taken to a website where they could see videos and detailed information about it.

On the way out people could scan a new QR Code and get directed to next landmark that is near and that they can visit if time allows. Also, it can provide the user with a map so the person can not only know where to go next but also how to get there.

This kind of usage of QR Codes can be helpful for schools as, during a visit, each student could be asked to scan specific codes so the teacher can later verify that each student visited all the assigned areas of the landmark during the field trip either individually or in team groups. And achieving this is not as complicated as it seems. For one because most teenagers today have not just cell phones but smartphones, and the teachers in conjunction with the administration authorities could create custom tours in which the teacher itself could set its own QR Codes for students to scan and gather information.

As you can see this has endless possibilities that, if explored by educators, can turn a field trip into an adventure in which students do not only have to make whole tour but also be encouraged to find hidden QR Codes that will grant them extra-credits or even prizes.

And for a local or foreign tourist? Well QR Codes, like we said at the start can help their visit be more meaningful and complete as they can get inside information on the visited landmark and even directions to other places of importance that can be visited.

With the use of screens or QR Codes with variable results, authorities can save as they won’t have the need of printing them time and time again, because remember, in previous posts we told you that any iPhone App or Android App can scan and read QR Codes from a screen provided that you give the camera enough time to focus.

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