QR CODES everyone makes its own – 003

qr code, qr code readers, electronic business card, iphone appOne of the interesting things that one can see nowadays related to QR Codes is the fact that they’re being used everywhere and for absolutely anything. And this has led to companies to not just create and use QR Codes for their particular needs they’re also creating custom QR Code Readers to read their own codes.

This is a very interesting development as it will push the use of this technology in the many different fields as well as for different applications. For instance, we can mention the use of QR Codes to locate restaurants and other services or provide access to specific content from a mobile phone for direct consumption or download.

Companies can, for example, create QR codes that are later printed on cards included in products like cookies or jam jars and that will be scanned with their own custom QR Reader so the user can be directed to a page and through a combination of code + access pin, be able to download content for their mobile phones.

On the other hand, there are QR codes that are most commonly used in hotels and airports and appear on screens or brochures and are mainly used to help people get to places, most of them use specific QR Code Readers that use the maps iPhone app or the Android App to help the user get to a, let’s say, restaurant or a sight to see or a hotel. Even make a reservation.

So as you can see, QR Codes are quickly becoming an important part of our everyday life and developers and working not just on how to get QR Codes to do more, but also, if the application needs it, to create a customized QR Code reader that will interpret the custom code and perform the needed action.

Just as YPrintit created a QR Code reader specifically designed to manage contacts, our reader scans its own createdQR Codes, interprets their data and adds the contact to the Address book iPhone app or Android App (soon Blackberry app too).

To learn more about our application for Electronic Business Card management and to download it to your mobile phone, please visit http://www.yprintit.com.

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