Interactive commercials with QR Codes – 004

qr code, qr code reader, iphone app, android app, electronic business cardWe have talked about how QR Codes have become the weapon of choice for marketing agencies and experts who have seen in them the perfect tool for expanding the reach of a banner or an ad in a newspaper or magazine. Now, they have raised the bar one more time.

By now you should know that QR Codes can be read not just on printed pieces of paper but also on computer monitors o television receivers, smartphone cameras are able to scan the codes regardless of the fact that a screen has a refresh rate that could affect how the camera sees the QR Code and how the QR Code Reader will interact with it.

Using this advantage, marketing gurus began to add QR Codes to commercials and infomercials so people can get close to the screen and user the QR Reader of their choosing and scan the QR Code that appears on the screen, allowing for them to visit a website, play a video or even download content, or even more, participate in a contest and win prizes.

As incredible as it looks, it’s real, and soon networks will make use of the same technology and for example allow for the viewer to scan a code and get inside information on the show they’re watching, or how about interacting by voting for something while watching?

The applications are endless, and like we mentioned above, companies around the world are finding in them the perfect tool to increase profit and interact with their clients, especially because most phones today are able to read QR Codes, either with their native applications or by downloading and installing one of the hundreds of free applications available.

That’s the true advantage of QR Codes, they can be scanned no matter where they appear and no matter what size they are. And the uses? Thousands. Remember our previous post on how developers are now creating not just new and innovative QR Codes but also custom QR Code readers so they can perform even more actions than what they normally do? The future is upon us.

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