QR Codes have reached TV Shows and Newscasts – 005

QR Codes… who could have thought they were going to go where they have gone? And who can tell where they will go, or correctly put, appear next? In recent weeks we have seen a spike in the appearance of QR Codes not just in TV shows but even newscasts where you can be seen information about, let’s say, the Libya situation, and suddenly, a QR Code will appear on the bottom of the screen for you to scan with your phone or tablet computer so you can get even more inside information on the topic.

Don’t forget that there are hundreds of iPhone apps and Android Apps to read QR Codes and let’s not forget about Blackberry apps that do the same this days both in phones and tablets alike as we mentioned above.

Or what about initiatives like the one taken by NatGeo’s channels that offer for you to download their own QR Code reader application (remember we talked about custom made QR Code Readers recently?) so you can get access to specific content (videos, notes, etc.) by scanning the codes that they throw in from time to time in their broadcasts, it’s simply amazing.

QR Codes are helping television to become an interacting entertainment machine, in which the spectator is not just idle before the screen, it is now motivated to take action in order to go deep into what is being broadcast at a given time. Even sponsors make use of this idea for their own marketing needs.

By throwing QR Codes in commercials they make sure that the viewer stays in contact with brand because, let’s face it, we’re all curious and they cannot just give us information but also make us participate in contests and giveaways, and just by scanning a code in the screen. And remember, with the use of dynamic QR Codes, they don’t even need to remake a commercial to give a new message through them.

It’s amazing to say the least, how QR Codes suddenly became a tool that is used to transmit information, to bring interaction to TV, one has to wonder, what is the next step? Where are we going to see QR Codes next and who will make the next custom QR Code reader?

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