QR Codes and how companies use them – 006

It’s incredible, QR Codes are becoming a needed tool for all kinds of business, restaurants, airlines, television networks, you name it.

Because of their flexibility and the processes they can activate upon scanning by any smartphone with a camera and the appropriate QR Code Reader, business have seen in this technology another tool to grow. Let’s say for example, what some airlines are already doing, you buy your ticket online and they send you a QR Code that includes your boarding pass so all you have to do is show it through your phone screen so a representative can in turn scan it with the appropriate QR Code reader and let you board in seconds.

Incredibly isn’t it? Well, let me tell you something else, Google Places is now something important for all companies to be on, why? Because it shows people where you are and how to get there, and you don’t need to do much, as soon as you register with Google Places they automatically generate a QR Code that you can use in your printed materials and place in your door so visitors can scan and, if they got it from a brochure, find your way to you. If from a sticker on your door, they’ll save the directions to come back later and share with friends.

QR Codes were born as a tool to keep inventories in warehouses and retail stores, now those same retail stores are using QR codes to help customers find more information about products, connect with Customer Service and even participate in sweepstakes, just by using their smartphones, believe it or not.

But we must remember, QR Codes wouldn’t be what they are if it weren’t because of the Internet, and yes, even though a QR Code can trigger a phone call or send an SMS, without Internet access in a cell, they wouldn’t be as useful as they can actually be, because in essence the idea is for them to share information, or to allow for you to send information, by either show you a page where you can fill in the blanks or use social networks like Facebook and make you “Like” someone’s page, and began interacting with said person or company.

What the future holds for QR Codes we can’t tell for sure. What we know is that based on their growth rate and usage level, it just a matter time, little time, for us to see even more innovative ways to use this technology.

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  1. Dede Dymek says:

    Thanks for posting this. We jumped ahead and did a QR code without thinking there might be a way to track the traffic. Now we can create better QR codes and find out if they’re doing us any good!

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