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qr code, qr code reader, iphone app, android app, electronic business cardThere’s no doubt that QR Codes are growing in usage at an exponential rate, and as their use and applications grow so do the amount of iPhone apps and Android apps we can find in either Apple’s App Store and Android’s own App Market. It is believed that the amount of readers at this time is of about 250+, that’s a huge number, believe it or not.

And the reason behind it? Well, remember that we have talked in the past about how companies are developing their custom QR Codes and to that extent their own custom readers to interpret them. That, believe it or not, is necessary, why? Because QR Codes are being used heavily for a myriad of different applications, from travel visas in japan to sweepstakes in cookie companies. So, each individual wants to be in control of what the codes they’re using either in the tv screen or printed in cards are doing to the maximum extent, we find ourselves in this sea of applications all over.

No matter what, there’s something we’re yet to see, and that’s the integration between QR Code reader and the native camera apps of both iPhone and Android powered devices. Why would this be important? See the image that illustrates this post, it shows how easy it would be to have QR Code reading capabilities included in the camera applications would be incredibly helpful for all of us. Why? Because most of the QR Codes today are not custom, they’re standard in the way they work (meaning that they’ll probably send you to a website, play a video, show you text, etc.) so, with a QR Code reader added to the native camera application of the phone or tablet, we could save ourselves the hassle of going through this sea of applications looking for a QR Code reader that we find easy to use and that we like.

Now the question is, will we see it? We do hope so as it will make everyone’s life easy, at least for this task, either way, when it comes to custom QR Codes, designed to do a specific task and that for said task they are in need of being read and interpreted with a specific application, well, that’s another story.

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