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qr code, free qr code, qr code reader, qr code phoneThere’s no doubt that you have attended all kinds of events, from conferences to showcases, and that’s especially true if you’re in the technology business like we are. Listing all the tech events that happen in a year will take pages.  But those events are now making use of QR Codes to help visitors and participants alike to make the most out of them.

For a start you can scan a QR Code upon arrival and be directed to page where you can either see directly all the event information (who will talk about what where, schedules and so on and so forth) or download it in PDF format for reading offline.

Or what about the initiative taken in Spain on the Telecommunications Market Commission annual meeting, where they allowed you to scan a QR Code and not only access videos of the event but also download them to your device for later hearing? Simply amazing. All you needed to make use of these capabilities was to have a smartphone or tablet computer with a QR Code Reader and that was about it.

As you can see, no matter what kind of event we talk about, you can use them, how about a technology showcase? Spain, a country that is leading in the use of QR Codes, is now using them to direct users to online demonstrations of their products so people can understand their use and in depth features.

So, as you may understand now, a company could be showcasing new products and use QR Codes so visitors can scan them and find out more on the products that are on display.

What’s even more interesting, the event organizer could send QR Code invites so all you’ll be needed to do is to show your code in any form (printed, on your phone or tablet screen) and you’ll be immediately registered as you’re welcomed to the event.

This can and is happening now. QR Codes are becoming the tool of choice when it comes to helping people organize their events, from the organizers to the participants to the visitors, everyone can benefit from this technology that grows exponentially each day.

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