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qr code reader, qr code, qr app, qr code generator, qr business cardYou may not be familiar with the term “QR Code” but it is very possible that you have at least seen one in the last few months and wondered what the little white square with all the black markings in some sort of pattern represented. Major airlines such as United have been including them on their boarding passes. Some libraries have added them to their books. Google Places uses QR Codes, and private individuals and companies are finding limitless ways to incorporate this identification system into their personal life and business strategies.

Created in Japan by Toyota more than a decade ago as a better method of identifying their cars, the QR (Quick Response) Code is trade-marked by Denso Wave, but not patent-restricted. Anyone can use it as long as you have the necessary iPhone app or Android app installed in your smartphone. Using you phone camera and the dedicated QR Code reader, you can instantly connect to, basically, whatever interests you on the web. You can open a URL, write and send an email or text, locate directions to your favorite restaurant, grab a valuable coupon or special offer or even download to your mp3.

By visiting free QR Code generating sites you can create your own identification code that other s can scan and use. While this sounds like great fun for individuals, the business implications are even more significant. Imagine potential customers using their Android app or iPhone app to visit your business and shop after regular store hours have closed. How about using this bar code for your own personal business card, or for making product information readily available? Imagine the advertising opportunities through consumer advice tips, contests and connecting visitors to your social media sites.

Inconspicuous little QR Codes are two-dimensional, and unlike the traditional bar lines we are all familiar with on store products, these little squares can handle an enormous amount of information. You could even share an entire eBook with a friend, if you were so inclined. Use them on business cards, brochures, product tags, nametags, book sales, restaurant menus and special coupons—the list goes on and on.

As the public learns how to work the QR Code reader and becomes more excited about this nifty feature, expect to see more and more square codes popping up all over the place. Anything that better enables connectivity on the web between friends and community and that makes finding important information easier and quicker sounds like a great piece of technology.

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