QR Code Marketing: Spotlight – 010

qr code, qr codes, qr code reader, qr code app, qr appThe use of QR codes as a marketing tool is rapidly gaining popularity among progressive businesses looking to expand their customer base. This inexpensive form of advertising acts as a fast, simple and effective conduit between a company’s web-based presence and the physical world.

Understanding QR Codes

The QR system uses a unique barcode structure that allows a smart device with a camera and a QR code reader app to quickly display embedded text, or link to an associated website. The prospective customer can receive detailed information on an assortment of products and services, as well as helpful content relating to the company itself.

Locating a QR code reader is relatively simple. Available in the iphone app format, different versions include Optiscan, QR App and NeoReader. Those looking for an android app may enjoy the features of Barcode Scanner, QR Droid or QR Code Reader.

QR Code Marketing

While the application of QR codes is expanding at a remarkable pace; there are several marketing avenues that have established an ongoing level of success in attracting new customers.

* Direct Attachment to Products: Any retail product serves as an ideal platform for barcode inclusion. From pizza boxes to wine bottles, the information provided to consumers through a simple wave of a smartphone can help inform consumers of other product offerings, and help promote more expensive options.

*Promotional Materials: Particularly at trade shows, the opportunity to distribute a piece of literature that links directly to the manufacturer’s website is invaluable. Printing costs can also be reduced since a single page handout can replace expensive multi-page brochures.

* Public Signage: Real estate professionals are an example of an industry that can benefit from including barcodes on “for sale” signs. Complete encoded listing information can be effortlessly communicated to potential buyers who drive by an appealing property.

Any sign displayed in a restaurant, doctor’s office, elevator, or other public venue can serve to attract a potential customer’s attention, while providing helpful information that can make waiting more bearable.

* Name Tags and Business Cards: Name tags and business cards present an excellent opportunity to link directly to a social media account or a website. Identifying key personnel from targeted clients and offering insightful product information through an indirect format can increase a company’s exposure and provide pre-qualified leads.

The Future of QR Coding

With the growing popularity of smartphones, the creative use of qr code technology will continue to expand into virtually every segment of the economy. Downloading a simple iphone app or android app offers customers a non invasive method of researching products. This ultimately provides maximum exposure for a business with minimal associated cost.

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