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Simply put, QR codes are little white squares that have been loaded with a pattern of black lines and dots. They are a 2-dimensional form similar in purpose to the product code seen on retail items, but much more valuable in the amount of information they can carry. Originally created in Japan by Toyota about 10 years ago, they have been slower to catch on in popularity here than in Asia and other parts of the world. However, that seems to be changing as more and more individuals and businesses are finding creative uses for these little codes.

It takes a camera smart phone with a QR code reader to be able to translate these little designs. In fact, you can even go online to free sites and generate your own unique bar code to share with friends, acquaintances, or business customers. The Barcode Scanner is an android app that has been rated best by PCWorld but there are also several other apps available. If you need an iphone app, that’s not a problem either. In fact, as the QR codes become more and more recognized and appreciated, there will probably be a QR code reader for every smart phone.

So, how does the QR code work? Using the camera of your phone, simply focus in on the code. Once identified by your code reader, at your fingertips will be information to sites on the web, texts and messages—just about anything that you might consider relevant in your life. While young people will be eating this up as they make connections and build relationships, companies and businesses are also beginning to see functionality in the QR code. Identifying their business location, their restaurant menu or their special daily features could attract more and more users to their site or business, and because a QR barcode can be printed on anything from paper to the side of a bus to a business card or T-shirt, advertising costs are minimal.

No longer is it necessary to go home and get on the desk top to do some valuable fact-finding. The flexibility of the smart phone is increasingly becoming the answer to quickly accessing information on the go. Once the QR code reader is installed and the android app or iphone app is in place, scanning that little square with your phone’s camera immediately directs you to the online data you need. It’s as simple as that. At your finger tips are display texts, messages URLs, contact info, and access to the web.

Whether for building a sense of community through social networking, attracting new customers to buy your products or services, enhancing your SEO and SMO optimization by increasing traffic to your site or simply providing information and advice, the QR code system is probably here to stay. Isn’t it time you started using it too?

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