QR Codes and sweepstakes – 012

Well, we have seen that QR Codes are now being used for a lot of things, specially marketing, from fast food chains to television channels and magazines. They’re everywhere, and they have, without a doubt, become a very useful tool, specially, like we have stated so many times before, because of the advent of smartphones and mobile internet.

So, moving on to the marking aspect, QR Codes have become the tool of choice for sweepstakes contests all over the world. Why? For one because you can have anything inserted in them and QR Code Readers, either native or custom made will interpret said contents and produce a result that can be a website or an text message or e-mail message, or a video for that matter. With this in mind we can start thinking on how they can help a company in this particular way.

For example, one can print a QR Code in a card that can be inserted within the product package and once its open, the customer can scan it with its QR Code reader of choice (or the one created by the company provided of course that there are instructions on how to get it) and receive a response, said response could consist of many things, downloadable content, a code to visit a website and enter it for later participation and even to claim a price immediately.

Another advantage is that QR Codes can be dynamic, meaning that the creator can change what will happen once they’re scanned at will making the contest even more interesting and even providing variations to it on the go instead of needing to re-print everything all over again.

The usefulness of QR Codes is also reflected in the fact that the space needed to print them is minimal thus saving companies a lot of money as the cards needed for the contest are smaller. This is one great advantage without a doubt.

We mentioned earlier also that companies can have their own custom QR Code Reader so QR Code results can be customized to the needs they have, this is a double edged sword as companies have to make sure people understand that, to use the QR Codes, they must download the proprietary application so they won’t find themselves unable to participate.

So, as you can see, marketing and QR Codes are now more linked than ever as they have become the tool of choice of companies all over the world. And don’t forget, there are other applications for QR Codes, like electronic business card management, but to learn more about this particular use, visit http://www.yprintit.com

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