The basics of QR Code technology – 013

QR Android AppPerhaps the most significant innovation featured in the latest generation of smartphones is the 2D barcode, or QR code technology. Phones that are equipped with a qr code reader have the ability to quickly scan an appropriately embedded barcode and display rich website content. This extends choices and options to potential customers that have been previously unavailable through any other medium.

The QR Code System

The QR code system requires a smart device such as a tablet PC or mobile phone that is outfitted with a camera and a downloadable app that translates an embedded image. A QR barcode is a two dimensional encoded picture that can be displayed or affixed to virtually anything. When the user waves the smart device across the image, an instant hyperlink directs the prospective customer to a website where detailed information can be displayed.

Finding a  QR code reader is quite easy. They are inexpensive and readily available in a variety of proprietary formats. Those looking for an iphone app or an android app may consider ScanLife, Beetag, Quickmark, QR Droid and numerous others.

The Benefits of QR Codes in Marketing

As a marketing tool, QR codes can help drive a greater volume of traffic through channels that were previously unavailable. In traditional print media applications, consumers are usually required to type in a cumbersome URL to visit a company’s website. As an alternative, a QR barcode allows potential customers to instantly link to the advertiser’s content.

For businesses that have tight advertising budgets, using QR barcodes can substantially increase market penetration with virtually no associated additional cost. As an example, direct mail postcards are relatively inexpensive, but have limitations in terms of the amount of information that can be included in a relatively small space. A QR code can automatically link the recipient to a business’s website where they can investigate the product, examine prices and place orders. In this structure, the response and conversion rate for each advertising dollar can be dramatically improved.

Enhanced QR Capable Devices

Early smartphone models with qr code reader capability were somewhat slow and awkward to use. Lower resolution cameras were inconsistent in reading the barcode properly, while small screen displays made websites difficult to see and even harder to manipulate.

Newer phones and tablet devices have addressed these deficiencies with large, high resolution displays and cameras that have exceptional megapixel capabilities. Installing a recently released iphone app or android app will provide full functionality and better reliability than previous versions. Coupled with the growing popularity of portable tablet devices that are camera equipped, the market for QR code advertising will continue to rapidly expand in the coming years.

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