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QR Code ReaderQR is short for Quick Response, an emerging technology that allows a dedicated QR reader or a smart phone preloaded with an appropriate QR Code Reader app to read special barcodes linked to text-based product information. These two-dimensional barcodes can be encoded as text, URL and other data and are designed to be decoded almost instantaneously.

In real terms, a user can scan a barcode found in a magazine advertisement and be connected to the product’s website to find additional product information in a vendor’s online catalog. This process is referred to as “hardlinking” or “object hyperlinking.”

What it means for the consumer is the ability to shop in new and efficient ways. Browsing through a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room becomes an opportunity to purchase a last-minute gift. While shopping in a store, a customer will be able to access more size and color options by scanning the item with a linking her to the online catalog.

What QR capability means for a company is an increase in return on investment or ROI. For example, an Android app drives traffic to a product’s online catalog. Use of QR code reader technology yields faster turnaround in the sales cycle and gives instantaneous feedback about the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. This technology gives corporations real-time feedback used in planning production and distribution goals to meet consumer demand.

QR has a wide variety of uses and has been gaining a strong following among marketers. One exciting possibility is having a QR code printed on the back of an in-store sales associate’s business card which is given to a customer who is pressed for time. In a less hectic moment, the customer can scan the barcode using an iPhone app, visit the company website and purchase the item he or she is interested in.

Widely used in Asia, adoption of QR codes has lagged in the West. However, iPhone apps are now included on many mobile devices. In fact, one of the cutting-edge delivery systems is the Android app used by Google. Apple-based phones don’t have this capability but several iPhone apps have been developed to read QR codes. Blackberry users can take advantage of World Apps to scan the codes much like a QR code readerdoes. Deployment of the iPhone app and the Android app is making QR codes the next “big thing” in catalog sales and marketing.

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  1. The problem with QR codes, is that they have been slow to be embraced, especially in the US. They are more popular in Asia where they originated. Most of the time scanning the code will just take you to a web or youtube link. But you will start seeing more and more of this technology, as people realize what it can do. For example check out the YPrintit app. Not only can you create a card, but if you change your info (phone, address, etc), anyone that already had your info will automatically see the updates. And soon you will be able to attach messages, videos, and links to other web resources to your cards. The service also allows you to see how many people scanned and received your cards.

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