The Metrics of QR Codes – 018

QR Code ReaderWe have learn throughout our posts about the many uses and benefits corporations can get out of QR Code usage, how they can use them for marketing purposes and sweepstakes or how can they use them to give their customers in-depth information about a product or service, either through a QR Code in a shelf or in the packaging, or during a commercial on TV or an ad in a magazine or newspaper.

But, what we haven’t talked about is the fact that as much as they can help do all these things, we haven’t talked yet about something called “metrics” and that are deeply linked to what QR Codes can do and that are part of the importance, a big part if you will, of what businesses get out of them.

“Metrics” are the measurements that businesses use to gather important data about what they do, from the impact of a commercial to the sales levels of products and services throughout the year or throughout specific times. But what does this all have to do with QR Codes you might be asking. Well, simple, there’s a kind of QR Codes that we spoke about also, those are called Dynamic QR Codes and they allow for the user to vary the result those who scan it with a QR Code reader will get. But at the same time can generate information that once analyzed gives companies a lot of insight on what the QR Code is achieving.

For example, I can tell a company if a QR Code placed on a sign in a specific part of the city receives more scans than one located on the other side, even if they are just a block away, this is very important because it can tell what kind of public looks for information on a brand. Or, if used on a TV commercial, it can tell a company at what specific time the viewers are more interested in their brand so they can increase their appearances in one another.

Let alone if we talk about magazines or newspapers, with the metrics obtained from how many times people use QR Code Readers to get info from QR Codes, a business can tell in which publications they have more impact and even, if their daily, which days are better to include publicity on.

As you can see, the metrics obtained can help businesses in many levels especially when it comes to measure the impact of a particular brand, product or service.

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