QR Codes as Marketing Tools – 019

QR Code ScannerQuick response codes, better known simply as QR codes, are popping up everywhere these days. Everything from billboards to building signage, even everyday retail product packaging is sporting these trendy new square designs. Much like the familiar bar code system, each QR code is unique, and when scanned by aQR code reader it can unlock an almost unlimited number of possible options.

While there are a number of proposed uses for these new symbols, they are being used largely for marketing purposes. Users can easily download a QR code reader as an iPhone app or Android app, and their smartphone is transformed instantly into a code scanner.

Some ways companies are using these codes in marketing:
* Cross promotions between different companies by offering discounts for one product by scanning the QR code from the packaging of another.
* Scanning the code on packaging with a QR code reader to instantly deliver information on the origins of the product. This is becoming a trend in products that are promoting themselves as organic or sustainable.
* For sale signs with codes can give prospective buyers an on the spot sales pitch with pictures, video, history and dimensions of the property.
*Many companies offer iPhone and Android app users the convenience of instantly downloading their mobile app by scanning the QR code.

One of the most popular uses for qr codes in marketing is for contest and sweepstakes entries. Movie studios appeal to Android and iPhone app users with special previews and contest entries. One example of recent note: a QR code found on a particular food products packaging that links to a movie trailer and sweepstakes entry. Small business owners can attract attention at the county fair by displaying a code linked to a giveaway or free estimate . Radio stations on location often do a variety contests and freebies, now they can display QR codes to enter to win concert tickets.

Quick response codes can be scanned from just about anywhere, your computer or tv screen, a billboard or taxi, street sign or direct mail piece. The beauty of this technology is that means your company can promote itself, and its current promotions, anywhere too.

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