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qr code, qr code reader, iphone app, android app, electronic business cardWith a camera on every smartphone and software becoming more and more sophisticated, QR codes have become ubiquitous. Walk down the street and you’ll see these small, square-shaped black-and-white boxes in the windows of shops, the corners of advertisements, and even as graffiti art on phone booths! One avenue where QR codes are really flourishing is in sweepstakes. Whether on an iPhone app or Android app, a QR code reader is a must-have for any smartphone.

Unlike a typical bar code, QR codes do not have to be linked to just products. Instead, they can be incorporated into dynamic games and sweepstakes, keeping participants engaged and excited throughout the length of the game! Additionally, they don’t require sweepstakes hopefuls to purchase expensive equipment that might prove a barrier to their entry into the competition. All someone needs to figure out whether a sweepstakes has hidden a clue or an answer in plain sight is a smartphone (usually powered by an Android or iPhone, although additional platforms are being developed constantly) equipped with both a camera and a QR code reader.

QR code reader is either an Android app, iPhone app or a Windows app that analyzes the graphic image sent to the smartphone’s computer by the camera. It then interacts with the website, video, or other digital media it is programmed to provoke – almost like an Easter egg in a video game. It has wider application than just sweepstakes – there are, in fact, almost limitless numbers of technologies and software platforms developing to take advantage of scanners – it can be incorporated into any campaign at low cost.

Why are potential sweepstakes entrants attracted to using QR codes, instead of entering competitions via text? For some, sending texts cuts into monthly allocations. Some don’t like sending their phone number to a sweepstakes. Others, who own an iPod Touch with a camera, might not have texting available. Finally, there is a psychological attraction to the give-and-get of a QR code scanning: a question is asked, and the entrant gets to go in search of – and find – the answer!

On levels psychological and practical, adding one of these codes to new campaign can help amp up its appeal and reach a wider audience. In an era where time and attention are both limited and constantly divided – is that a risk any company can afford to take?

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