QR Codes: The Key to Marketing Impact – 022

QR Codes are one of the latest revolutions in the marketing field, thanks to how they present an innovative alternative to bar code or text marketing campaigns. By definition, they are small, box-shaped images which combine a series of contrasting light and dark points; by scanning the code with a QR code reader, additional information can be accessed.

Using QR codes to spread the word about new marketing campaigns is easy because of the low barrier to entry for users. With both cameras and QR code readers available as either an iPhone app or an Android app – not to mention Windows and other portable platforms – and smartphones with cameras being nearly ubiquitous – there are plenty of opportunities for people to download the software they need and get involved in a marketing company’s campaign.

qr codes, qr code reader, iphone app, android app, electronic business cardHow can your brand use these codes to increase interest in what it has to offer? Innovative brands can embed videos, websites and more to build out the contact a client has with their brand. By scanning the code, clients do not only get exposed to a billboard or a poster in a shop window – they are turned on to the entire wealth of information a given brand has to offer.

Because they are accessible through both of the major smartphone operating systems, both iPhone app and Android app use allows users to access QR codes. Along with BlackBerry, these are the top three mobile operating systems available, and so when marketing companies decide to use a QR code they make a single campaign visible to a huge number of users.

How can these codes be incorporated into the modern marketing campaign? Some agencies choose to use them as part of advertisements in magazines, posters and billboards, while others add the insignia to their direct mail pieces. Either way, as long as the recipient has a QR code reader installed – or is willing to install one on their iPhone, Android phone or other operating system – they’re going to be able to access a wealth of information via the code. When compared to the information that can be transmitted through the space on a card or a billboard, incorporating a QR code into marketing campaigns raises the bar and forces marketing agencies.

Marketing agencies have to stay on top of the constant innovations in their field, and building brand strength through the use of a QR code is one of the ways this can be done.

There are many other uses for QR Codes like electronic business card management like that provided by the YPrintIt application found in http://www.yprintit.com which scans QR Codes for contact information that is later added to your address book in your phone.

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