Hire Tech Savvy Candidates with QR Codes

QR Code ReaderEvolving from just links to coupons and movie trailers, many companies out there are now using QR codes for just about anything imaginable. This includes companies that are on the cutting edge of hiring practices, and are learning that using a QR code can be useful in the HR department as well.

Envision a college career fair, or Los Angeles Job Expo, a large room filled with booths at which representatives from each company stand distributing information and talking with prospective applicants. Think about all of the papers said applicant will collect throughout the day, and how many of those pamphlets will get lost or misplaced by the time your future employee gets home. Businesses that display a code that applicants can scan with their QR code readers will have a distinct advantage over the rest because their company’s recruitment information will be instantly accessible from the applicant’s phone.

QR codes can also serve big and small businesses in the same way, directly at the store front. Instead of worrying about stocking and keeping track of paper applications, many businesses have already gone to online hiring systems. With the aid of QR code readers, job seekers looking for employment directly at an establishment could simply scan a QR code from the Now Hiring sign, and apply for the position on the spot. No more lost web addresses, and a lot less paper to file.

Getting an edge over another company when it comes to attracting quality candidates is important right now, because the jobs are few and the applicants are many. The quality people companies want to hire for the few positions they do have available are the kind of people that will be up do date on the latest technology, and they will have QR code readers ready at hand to scan QR codes and apply for the positions they desire. These codes can link directly to company recruitment websites, with information and video presentations promoting why candidates should apply for their positions. Additionally, applicants can submit their application from a link, so your HR department will be sure to receive it directly.

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