Enhancing Print Ads with QR Codes

qr codes, qr code reader, iphone app, android app, electronic business cardsResearch has shown that everyday more people are spending more time using their smartphones for various tasks. Online banking, social networking, taking video, listening to music, and composing email are just a small sampling of what these phones can do today. The best in the world of marketing have latched on to this twist in technological trends, embracing with open arms the countless opportunities presented by the smartphone as an advertising medium.

Smartphones, with their built in cameras and pc fast processors, are capable of acting as scanners, and more importantly as QR code readers, allowing users to scan QR codes to their phone and link to whatever information the code publisher attaches at the other end of the internet. QR codes are becoming a common site on packaging for everyday household items, but they are starting to pop up in ads everywhere as well.

Print ads have become rather dull and lifeless in comparison to digital billboards, and the creative ads displayed on the internet. With the aid of QR code readers, marketing experts are turning consumer’s own phones into personal ads for their company. By placing QR codes on a print ad in a magazine or poster, companies bring interaction to the ad, enhancing its value and getting the most for the money they spent for the space.

Consumers can scan codes from a magazine or poster, and forward links to the web page to their friends. One person could potentially forward that same ad to hundreds, even thousands of people who never bought the magazine, making him or her the marketing department’s new best friend. Companies may even want to offer an incentive to refer the link to friends, as many already do with email specials, to help spread the word further.

It pays to stay trendy with technology these days, with how focused consumers are on their gadgets. QR code readers are a fast growing tool in the advertising business, and offer various possibilities making them useful for any business. Enhancing magazine print ads, posters and billboards with a QR code is a smart choice for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition in marketing; adding the code to space already paid for costs nothing, and the potential to reach possibly thousands of other consumers is priceless.

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