Custom QR Code Readers: Keeping Your Marketing Tools on the Cutting Edge

qr code, qr code reader, electronic business cardStaying competitive in any business today means keeping up with the latest advances in technology, and moving forward with the technology that is going to stand the test of these fast-paced times. Just a couple of years ago, if you asked your neighbor what a QR code was you probably would have just gotten a strange or blank expression in response; but now thanks to camera phones, consumers are finding QR codes everywhere from DVDs to toilet paper. Originating in Japan in 1994 as a way to track auto parts, quick response codes are only becoming more common, proving them to be the trendy marketing tool of choice in today’s tech savvy world.

Today marketing departments are using many versions of standard quick response codes, which can hold up to 7089 characters, as well as smaller and therefore less complex micro QR codes which can contain up to 35 different characters. To scan any of these codes, it is necessary to have a QR code reader that can support scanning them. Since not all QR code applications or camera phones can support the largest of scans, many companies choose to offer their own QR code reader application, with instructions for download often available right next to the code itself. Custom QR code readers can be created to ensure that the consumer downloads the app appropriate for his or her device, and that the reader itself will be able to process scanning the company’s custom quick response codes.

Several companies have incorporated quick response codes in their marketing strategies, using them to gain the interest of mobile users who will in turn also use their phones to spread the word about their products or services. Some companies are also using the codes to get gain customer feedback, by offering instructions to download their QR code reader next to the qr code to scan to be linked to a survey. Once the custom quick response code reader in installed, the customer can use it again every time they return to the store, or to read the custom qr codes in print ads and billboards for the same company, making QR code readersinvaluable tools for every marketing executive.

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