QR Codes and Newscasts

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Television news stations and news outlets are now using leading edge technology to help their audiences become and stay informed. By adding quick response (qr) codes to their newscasts, news outlets offer viewers immediate access to their websites, stories and advertising. All the viewer needs is a way to scan and read the code.

The QR codes look similar to product barcodes, but they contain a much larger amount of information. The difference is like that between 2D and 3D images. Television stations place a code image that is made up of small black squares on a white background at the bottom of the broadcast screen. All the viewers need to have to interact with the newscast are smartphones or tablet computers and QR code readers. Some companies offer custom QR code readers to consumers; many other types of code readers are readily available.

When the camera in the smartphone device is pointed at one of these quick response codes, the app allows the QR code reader to read the scan and access the target website or information immediately. The user is then able to view more information, make a purchase instantly or save that information to their smartphone or tablet computer. Using QR codes in newscasts is an ideal way to provide details about stories that cannot be aired in full.

One of the best times to include quick response codes in a newscast is when a station wants instant audience participation. They may use these codes to conduct an instant audience poll or allow viewers to enter a contest. In return, the station gets a great deal of information about the audience member that scans their code box. This is used for marketing promotions and future newscast development.

Quick response digital imaging technology is spreading across the West with lightning speed. It was developed in Japan in 1994. Nielsen Company demographic projections indicate a 50 percent penetration of this technology in the West by the end of 2011. There are hundreds of apps for smartphones, iPhones and Androids that allow for the use of QR Code readers. The codes are easy to generate and inexpensive to create.

Use of this new digital technology was first initiated in the area of broadcast news by KHQ Local News, Spokane, WA. In addition to broadcast usage, codes are now found in a wide variety of media. Clothing, business cards, billboards, websites, posters, packaging and signs are just a few places where quick response coding is used to generate website traffic, interaction and sales. The best results obtained from newscast coding use occur when codes are viewed on LCD and plasma televisions.

This technology is very user-friendly. Scans can be done quickly and are omni-directional. QR codes may contain several hundred digits that allow access to many website locations. The growing use and popularity of quick response technology has promoted many manufacturers of mobile devices to pre-install QR code readers on their smartphones and tablet computers.

There are a few security issues, such as unlimited reproduction of coupons. On the positive side, consumers are receiving education about the use and flexibility of quick response codes. For news outlets, the use of QR codes enhances the information product they provide to the public. By getting their audiences to actively participate in newscasts via polls and contests, they secure that audience and can boost their viewership numbers.

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