Custom QR Code Readers: Keeping Up With the Codes

qr codes, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone app, android appMarketing strategists for corporations around the world are coming to know the value of QR codes combined with the power of a consumer’s smart phone camera in today’s digital world. They are also learning that there are numerous variations of the codes; and that the type of QR code reader needed to scan the code is dependent on the complexity of the message the QR code is meant to deliver. With a micro QR code, for example, a very simple reader is all that is necessary because these codes hold a maximum of 35 characters, and a consumer wouldn’t need the most advanced device to scan it.

Hundreds of QR code reader apps are also available to download to smart phones, converting the cameras into handheld QR code readers. Android and iPhone users should be able to quickly find an Android app or iPhone app in each respective marketplace, instantly transforming their device into a powerful QR codereading machine, as these advanced devices can support the larger versions of the standard QR code.

It is important to know that not all phones will support all reader apps, and not all reader apps will read the most complex standard QR code. Reader apps designed for micro QR codes will not scan standard codes, while some standard code readers will scan both the standard and micro versions, but not necessarily standard codes all the way to the maximum 7089 characters. Companies reaching out to a more targeted group of consumers with more complex codes may find it necessary to develop a QR code reader for their custom QR codes as both an iPhone app and Android app independently for optimum function on each operating system.

Whether your corporation is thinking about targeting iPhone app users or Android app users, or both, other businesses are already finding out that a custom QR code reader can be a valuable tool in any marketing campaign, as well as many other purposes. Many businesses are just beginning to discover the possibilities and implications of using a QR code as an advertising tool, and those that continue to lead on the cutting edge of technology will be the companies that stay fresh in the consumer’s mind, making them more successful in the long run.

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