Make Your Uniforms Come Alive With QR Codes

qr code, qr codes, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone app, android appWith its strange, futuristic square design, the qr code has been turning up everywhere over the last few years. Cereal boxes, Blu-ray discs, children’s toys, books, they have even been used as artwork and pieces of jewelry. But codes in clothing can be much more than just a fashion statement in the workplace, QR codesused on employees t-shirts can also be used to communicate with your customers.

At a ball game, the several vendors making their rounds in the stands could wear a QR code on the back of a uniform t-shirt that would allow fans to use their qr code readers to scan the shirts and know what they are selling, as well as pricing information while they are still in the next section. Or for fun, the qr codes could include team trivia or player stats, and some type of game or contest could be associated with them as well such as a grand prize for the fan that scans all of the QR codes in the park.

In electronics stores, consumers who have a question often have to wait to talk to a person in the department in which they are shopping. Many customers end up making a decision without the information they needed only to find they must return the product later, making an unnecessary trip to the store. If employees in each department donned their own unique QR code, customers could access technical information on the newest laptop, or instructions for installing a TV mount with their QR code readers. Another practical use for a QR code would be to list any accessories that might be needed or useful to have for a particular device.

Tire shop staff could offer car owners information on which brands are on special and what additional services the shop offers with a QR code printed right on the back of their shirt. Customers could also instantly access pricing and warranty information, keeping it at the ready, right in the palm of their hand.

Because consumers today are so eager to use their smart phones for as many applications as possible, use of QR code readers and quick response codes in marketing has exploded into just about every type of business. Don’t be the one left behind in this technology-crazed society and see what using a qr code in your uniforms can do for your company.

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