QR Codes in Education

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Through all this time we have been talking about how QR Codes are used massively in marketing and how most mobile phones today have either a pre-installed or can download a QR Code Reader to scan these codes and get to webpages, like Facebook pages, get business card information and much more.

But how about using QR Codes in educational projects? There are many ways in which QR codes can help in education, for one, a teacher can prepare a presentation and use QR codes so those present can answer a simple YES or NO question and afterwards have a live result displayed on screen.

This makes presentations more interactive and interesting for the audience, let us remember that students like to participate, and the eagerness to know the results of the question or questions will keep them on edge. How this would work is that upon scanning the code, the result will be sent to a webpage where it’ll be registered and a graphic generated showing them all.

But that’s not the only use that QR Codes can provide to teachers and instructors alike, when giving reading material, QR Codes can provide links to online materials such as videos, podcasts and much more.

Now you must be thinking about how that could be nowadays, well, it is no secret that kids this age carry cells phones, and today’s cellphones are normally smartphones that are camera ready and believe it or not, most of them have pre-installed QR Code readers. So, using QR Codes as a tool to educate is something that can be implemented very easily.

Also remember, those QR Codes can link to a downloadable version of it so students can have a digital copy if they so choose so, or even more, they could be given what’s important for the class and through the QR codethey could download the rest of the book or if it is a segment, the whole book if they want to read it all.

Applications are limitless; we can talk about links to RSS feeds where the school gives news on events or test dates and more. QR codes can help a lot to the learning experience.

In our particular case QR Codes help electronic business card management by allowing you to share QR code business card instead of a printed one to almost every mobile phone there is.

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