Using QR Codes to Measure Mupis Traffic

qr code, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone app, android appSince QR codes were first invented in Japan in 1994, new and innovative methods have been developed to apply them to the business world. These little information-packed, white squares with customized black, computer-generated configurations carry URLs, physical addresses, schedules, product information and services and a host of other valuable data. They can be found in window displays, on clothing, brochures, business cards, and just about anywhere a flat surface can be located. One of the newest innovations is to use them as measurement tools for mupis marketing agencies.

A mupis agency handles out-of-home media advertising, especially light boxes or lighted sign boxes. Digital billboards and night time signage identifiers also fall into this category. Since positioning these advertisements is a costly venture, marketing agencies are always looking for ways in which they can measure the effectiveness of each placement.

When an observer uses his iPhone app or android app as a QR code reader to scan the barcode placed in the advertisement, his smartphone will immediately take him to the online website, other related pages or even third party sites such as Facebook or Twitter. By adding a campaign tracking variable to the URL placed inside the QR codes, marketers can easily track those hits from each individual placement.

Giving a QR code its own unique telephone number can further aid tracking of traffic to the site as a result of follow-up calls. It may well be that this new method of using a QR code reader, an iPhone app or an android app to follow QR code traffic is on its way to becoming one of the least expensive and most efficient tools for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Multimedia interactive ads are everywhere in the world today. Mupis light up the highways, the streets, display windows, transportation vehicles, and street furniture. When companies add a QR code to the sign, tech-savvy shoppers are more than willing to scan for information. While some of that may be simply the pleasure of participating in the newest technology opportunity, there are also those shoppers or potential clients who will follow through with the information they are receiving. In either case, advertising and marketing agencies can report back to their clients whether or not the signage is attracting interest and being noticed. Never before have companies been able to receive such significant feedback directly linking mupis advertising to site traffic patterns. It remains to be seen how much further this technology can go in linking communication around the world.

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