Will QR Code Technology Lead the Next Revoltution in Marketing?

qr codes, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone appQuick Response barcodes (QR codes) were first developed by the Japanese company Denso-Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, to more effectively track the huge quantities of vehicle parts in their manufacturing pipeline. These little white squares with black modules resemble the barcodes that are regularly scanned through grocery and department store registers. However, they are much more powerful in the amount of information they can carry and transmit to a mobile phone or smartphone carrying an installed QR code reader. While these codes are still more popular among the populations in Japan, the Netherlands and Korea, consumers in America are beginning to express interest in using them to enhance their shopping and communication experience. They may well be the key component in a new, technology-based marketing revolution.

The matrix or two-dimensional barcode encrypted in these small squares contains information such as text, address information, website URL and other data, which can be quickly uploaded to a mobile phone system and even sent by email to a shared link or other cell phone. Mobile phone owners simply install a free or paidQR code reader to their camera phone or smart phone. More recently, Android, Blackberry and Nokia handsets can be purchased with a pre-installed QR code reader.

For mobile phone owners looking for either an iPhone app or an android app, there are dozens of choices. Some applications are free and others require a small payment. Optiscan, Barcode, Snapp, BeeTag and NeoReader are a few examples of iPhone options. Google’s android app is also a simple and easy-to-use program. In fact, more and more Android websites are seeing the value of providing codes for this new market.

Whether the QR coding system is used for commercial tracking or consumer-driven convenience, mobile phone users may be the most supportive audience for this new technology. The simple acts of comparison shopping, collecting important text information, locating physical address information or connecting to the website can become effortless and immediate. Even better, these qr barcodes can be placed on signs, brochures, individual items, business cards, billboards, buses and in magazines. Virtually any spot that a mobile phone camera can scan is a potential advertising opportunity.

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