QR Codes and Google Maps

qr code, qr code reader, electronic business cardQR codes allow smart phone users to instantly be directed to a particular locale, website, or information portal. The codes are usually displayed on physical storefronts, printed material, and other tangible objects. Google maps has recently integrated QR codes to help highlight local businesses, places of interest, and other geographical features that its visitors may want to peruse in greater detail.

In order to access the codes, users need either an iphone app or android app to serve as a QR code reader. The iphone app and android app are frequently integrated into the OS of the smart phone itself. In order to determine if a particular device already has a QR code reader installed, the smart phone owner should enter the serial number of the phone along with “QR reader” into the search panel of their phone.

This technology is particularly useful for both companies and customers because it eliminates wasted time in both search and advertising. If a visitor to Google Maps wants to find out more about the restaurants on the street on which he is standing, he can quickly scan relevant QR codes and discover precisely what his options are. For businesses, these codes act as a kind of blanket encapsulation of all relevant information. Instead of having to seek out separate advertising channels, businesses can provide a code which will automatically direct interested parties to a website or portal designed specifically to answer any and all questions the customer may have about a particular product or service. The pages are designed to display on mobile phones, eliminating clunky or outdated website displays.

This is an enormous time savings, and also eliminates any misdirection. Because the codes are so specific, they will not accidentally funnel a visitor to the wrong information in the same way that a badly designed link can. Additionally, the QR codes can be linked to special discounts or coupons that encourage customers to come in or buy products at a specific time.

Integrating the codes into Google Maps allows advertisers to save money on printed materials, such as flyers. It also lets passerby “star” certain locations for future perusal. This is particularly handy for tourists visiting an unfamiliar city. By starring the locales that they’d like to learn more about, the tourists will be able to find their way back or potentially buy materials online. Ultimately, both the customer and the company benefit from this integration.

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