Quick Response Codes: The Fun and Futuristic Way to Communicate Better

qr codes, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone app, android appOne of the newest and most innovative social networking tools is the Quick Response (QR) code, a matrix bar code that can be scanned by cell phones to quickly transfer information about the item or person displaying the QR code. While this technology was originally designed to track machine parts in warehouse environments, today it is used in a wide range of online environments and as a promotional tool to distribute coupons, brochures and other information in an easy-to-use digital form. The technology is so successful, it has even been incorporated into t-shirts, caps and other wearable promotional materials. The QR code emblazoned on these items can be scanned by others using cell phones equipped with QR code readers, allowing them to gain valuable information about the product or service being publicized.

QR codes for corporate use
The incorporation of a QR code on a business card or brochure can allow companies to provide coupon incentives and other information to their target audience in a fun, easy-to-use way. Because the QR code is readable by compatible cell phones and mobile devices, it can directly upload information to these devices when the QR code is scanned, eliminating the need for writing down contact information and storing the virtual business card within the phone’s memory for easy access at a later date. Maps, store hours, and even limited catalog information can be transferred through the use of a QR code and, since the end user opts in, the audience is self-selecting to obtain this information and is more likely to visit the site or location and to purchase once they get there.

QR codes for personal use
QR code can be an amusing and unique way to break the ice at social gatherings. Storing data within a QR code including name, phone number and other relevant information can be an entertaining way to introduce oneself at a party while demonstrating cutting-edge knowledge of advanced technologies. Phones that incorporate QR code readers can store this information securely and without the risk that the name and number will be lost or misplaced during the course of an evening. QR code information can also be used for fundraisers to raise awareness of the cause and to attract attention to the fundraising activity. QR code readers are available for a wide range of mobile phone operating systems including the Android, the Blackberry, the Apple iOS and the Nokia Symbian, making it easier than ever to incorporate QR codes into everyday communications and social situations online and in the real world.

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