QR Codes Will Soon Change the Way You Buy Tickets.

qr code, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone app, android appThanks to Quick Response codes, printed tickets may soon be a thing of the past. QR codes are two-dimensional matrix bar codes that can be read by telephones with a built-in camera. There is also a stand-alone QR code reader for those without camera phones. In keeping with the times, QR codes can even be read with a special iphone app or android app.

The QR code is commonly used in Japan. They were invented in 1994 by Denso-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary. South Korea and the Netherlands also use QR codes frequently. This two-dimensional bar code is meant to be decoded swiftly. These bar codes differ from the rectangular ones with which you’re familiar. A QR code is made up of black modules on a square pattern with a white background.

The QR code may contain several types of data such as a URL, an e-mail message or even a vCard. The first stateside implementation will probably be for paperless ticketing, also known as green ticketing.

Green ticketing is pretty simple. When you pay for a ticket, rather than printing out a hard-copy, you’ll take a photo of the QR code as it’s generated for you. On the night of the show, just flash the QR code saved on your camera phone or stored on an android or iphone. The ticket booth attendant will no longer take your ticket, tear it and return the stub. Instead, there will be a QR code reader at the site to scan your code.

This is a significant breakthrough for ticket sellers and buyers alike. It prevents scalpers from buying large lots of tickets and raising the prices beyond their face value. Fans will have a better chance to actually purchase tickets from the box office. Ticket scalping will eventually dwindle away to nothing. If you don’t have a camera phone, there are free code-reading sites you can use to store your ticket.

Soon you’ll see these codes in magazines, on business cards and on company brochures. You’ll find them on t-shirts, coffee mugs and billboards—anywhere you’ve seen an ad or read a message. An android app can scan the code and take you right to a company’s website. An iphone app can send an email to the company connected to the QR code you scan. What started as a simple way to track manufacturing parts has blossomed into a safe, useful world-wide phenomenon.

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