An inevitable expansion

You remember the day when the YPrintIt QR Code App arrived to the iPhone App Store right? Users all over the world downloaded it and now use it on an everyday basis. This was really good as the whole idea behind it was to create conscience on how to have a greener future, one in which we use less and less printed materials and guarantee a better environment for future generations.

But alas, the smartphone world is not just of those who have iPhones; as we all know there are other markets that crave the latest and greatest and as such (toot! toot!- did someone just toot their own horn ?) wanted access to this application.  (Read: A whole lot of users who wanted to try it out!). We’re talking about those Internet savvy, Facebook slinging, super tweeting, Android-powered, Blackberry OS loving, smartphone users out there.  So… we got to work!

Step 1,  Android

Getting into the Android universe was also a gargantuan challenge for all of us at YPrintIt, because while all iPhones are the same in terms of hardware, in the world of Android apps you have a lot of smartphone makers and each has different models to choose from, and although all of them carry the Android OS, there are critical differences that one has to be very careful to take into consideration when making an App, for example, while the iPhone has only touch screen interfaces, there are Android powered phones that have physical keyboards in them and furthermore, not all of them have the same keyboard layout or even the same keys in them, let alone screen sizes and resolution, which in our case, is the most critical aspect of the developing process. One must take all this into consideration when developing an application for this kind of environment.  We are happy to say Anrdoid has landed. Feel free to partake! (It’s free !)

And what about the Blackberry app world, which by the way is our next stop early 2011. Up until late 2010 developing an application for Blackberry was simpler, as all models had pretty much the same common hardware, same screen size, same type of keyboard and so on and so forth. In the case of the Storm model, no keyboard at all as it is touch screen only. But out came the BlackBerry Torch, a revolutionary device for BlackBerry lovers around the world, why? Because aside from sporting the same physical keyboard as its predecessors or only a touch screen like the Storm, it merges both, increasing of course the possibilities on how the App could be interacted with. Stay tuned for Blackberry Yprintit, coming to a Blackberry Appworld near you in early 2011!

Now, if you thought that we’re only aiming at apps for smartphones, take a look at our previous post, we mentioned a very interesting device that recently hit the shelves: The Samsung Galaxy Tab. A tablet computer running the Android OS and sporting two cameras, meaning of course, that it is capable of running the YPrintIt App.  And this is an interesting development because our application is reaching to a new breed of devices as, when we reach the BlackBerry AppWorld, we will also be reaching another new and exciting device that is expected to come out early 2011 (just like our App), we’re of course talking about the BlackBerry Playbook which will be running the traditional (of course adapted to the increased capabilities of a tablet) Blackberry OS and also sports two cameras.

So as you can see, expanding ourselves to the other operating systems and device platforms was something extremely necessary in order to reach our goal of spreading the word on Green Technology, and creating empowering and effective alternatives to traditional legacy business practices by leveraging the powerful capabilities of modern mobile technology.

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