A YPrintIt Society

Why Print it? That’s exactly what YPrintit stands for. And it means a lot in the new society we’re living in these days. The advent of popular devices like the Kindle, Nook and Sony’s very own e-reader along with their counterpart iPhone Apps are precisely putting us against the wall with that particular question: YPrintIt if you can have it in your phone or your tablet or your e-reader?

There are many factors implied here, for one, the increasing concern for the environment that makes everyone more conscious and worried about the resources we use, especially forests, and for the other, the portability factor. For years people have been forced to carry heavy books either for school or college. This has been not just a burden but also a health risk for young people as they hurt their backs with heavy backpacks or heavy suitcases in the case of professionals who need to carry books or heavy loads of documents regardless of their profession.

The Internet itself became the engine that started the change, why? Because people saw in it a way to exchange documents, and more and more books and documents were scanned and digitalized so people could download them to their computers. But after that another problem arose: You can’t have your computer with you all the time. Even if you had a laptop it was a burden let’s say, to unpack it in an airport terminal just to read a book or some documents. Something was missing in the equation. Then came the e-readers, small, easy to use devices that allowed people to read on-the-go regardless of where they were. And here is where the real revolution began. Not only did specific reading devices come along but also the new breed of smart phones including  iPhone , Blackberry, and Android phones. There are already iPhone app , Android app, and Blackberry app e-readers which enable the purchase, downloading and reading of digital books at will.

The affordable price of devices like the Kindle from Amazon or the Nook from Barnes & Noble have helped fuel ownership, not to mention reader apps for phones or tablet computers. And reading is just the tip of the iceberg for the new YPrintit society. Let’s consider QR Codes for example, the 2 dimensional bar code images that once scanned by the camera of any smart phone or tablet with the correct application installed, can deliver a large amount of information on just  about anything you could think of.  And what’s even better, we’re not only talking about reading codes from a printed paper or card; you can read QR codes from a digital screen as well including  another mobile device. The implications here are, as far as I am concerned rather significant to say the least! It also creates a rather interesting world of face to face communication opportunities not to mention some serious marketing potential.

Retail storefronts and restaurants of all kinds are already proudly displaying their QR Codes in their front windows. Savvy passersby are then able to snap their QR codes using a QR equipped mobile device and obtain all kinds of information including pricing, menus, coupons, contact information and just about anything else the shop owner can think of.  Who needs a printed menu or business card? So let’s face it folks, all in all we are without a doubt becoming a YPrintit society. More and more the question that our technological advancements seem to be answering more clearly is: YPRINTIT?

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