Using QR Codes at events

qr codeIf you ever thought that QR Codes are only usable for business, let me tell you, you’re quite wrong. ¬†You can use them at events and not just track attendance but also to send thank you e-mails or quality control short questionaries to the participants.

Think about it, you send the invite with a QR code in it that has all the contact information of the atendee, when the person arrives to the event, the planner will quickly use a QR Code reader to scan the code and will store that data so later on, if it was, for example, a wedding, an automated system can send later a thank you e-mail to the guests for their presence. Or, if it was a conference, you can send them a questionarie regarding what they thought of the event.

And these are just a couple of ideas, but the main point here is that QR Codes are not just a tool for electronic business card exchange, but instead, can be a very useful tool for any event you can plan, and the easyness of using a simple iPhone App or Android App to take care business, is even better.

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