QRpedia, the QR Code tool for museums

qr code readerIn what has been a very useful move for museums around the world is the partnership many of them have taken with online enciclopedia Wikipedia.

This project, known as QRpedia, is allowing museum visitors to get more out of their visits, as now, you’ll find QR codes beside the exibits, that, one scanned with the iPhone App or Android App of your choice and you’ll be directed to the related article in Wikipedia.

Furthermore, the QR code is designed to tell the QR code reader in which language to show the information based on the phone or tablet configuration. With this the visitor is guaranteed to get more information of the exhibit, and what’s better, in their own language.

But what if the information is not available in the desired language? Well, no problem there, Wikipedia will sent back the closest article available.

No doubt this will help students and investigators alike when they visit a museum in search for more information on a given topic or simply to enjoy a new exhibit.

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