Your life in a QR Code

qr code, qr code readerYou probably remember the wristbands made famous by cyclist Lance Armstrong a few years back right? Those yellow wrirst bands represented that the wearer was joining in the fight against cancer. Soon after many other causes joined in as well and soon, people wore one , two or even more of these wristbands representing the causes, artists or movements they supported.

Now how about this new idea, carry a wristband with a QR Code in it, a friend approaches and scans the code with any QR code reader and immediately you’ll be sharing information about what social networks you can be found at, or a video or music track you like, and much more.

But of course this will call for a security breach you might think, as, if anyone can use any iPhone App or Android App to get your info, that would be dangerous, but, for any problem, there’s a solution, the QR Code can include a password, so only the people you want, will be able to access your data.

And where to put said codes, well, there’s wristbands, iphone cases, computer and tablet skins, and even scarfs, believe it or not.

So, where will you put your QR code?

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