QR Codes Help Paint the Deeper Pictures Behind Art

qr codeWhat if traditional forms of art could be more interactive? That’s exactly what Jose Torres, better known artistically as Tony Taj, wondered. Jose, a painter and mobile designer, mainly paints intricate cityscapes on canvas, and is inspired by imagining the lives of the people who live and work on each floor and in each building he paints. So he came up with a way of sharing the stories he created around each character with you as you view the painting–all you would need is your smartphone.

Jose combined both his professions to create what he calls the Ambient Media Portal (AMP). Integrated into each of his works of art are a number of blended QR codes. When you scan a code with the iPhone app or Android app you choose, you will get a deeper insight into what is happening in the painting.

The code will link to further artwork, be it a live character video, animation, a song, or lyrics. Jose periodically changes this extra material so you can revisit again and again to learn more.

At present, three of Jose’s paintings have codes hidden within them, and for now the QR codes only link to animations.

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  1. Felix says:

    would be even better if the codes were part of the picture…

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