QR Codes on Permanent Labels From NFi Brand, Identify Products and Much More

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qr codeNameplates For Industry, Inc. (NFi) has introduced product identification labels that can be fully integrated with QR (quick response) codes and the full-color printing of custom graphics on a variety of substrates. These multipurpose QR code labels can be designed and produced for a wide range indoor and outdoor applications.

NFi QR Code Labels feature printed QR codes fully integrated with product identification labels in virtually any color, size, shape, and substrate-adhesive combination; supplied individually or in sets. These permanent, long-lasting labels can reinforce a brand, while allowing a smart phone to download information from a website instantly for numerous applications.

Suitable for accessing websites, instruction manuals, videos, service histories, inventory records, technical data, and more, NFi QR Code Labels are custom engineered and printed on the appropriate substrate material such as Mylar(R), Lexan(R), and PVC. They can incorporate aggressive adhesives for bonding to powder coated surfaces and UL constructions for weather-ability. And they can be read by any iPhone app or Android app QR Code reader.

NFi QR Code Labels are priced according to material, size, and quantity. Representative free samples and price quotations are available upon request. The firm offers an innovative Prototype Program to facilitate rapid prototype and product development.

About Nameplates For Industry, Inc.

NFi has a skilled team that prides itself on producing custom printed nameplates, faceplates, membrane switches, decals, labels, serial number tags, tamper-proof seals, keypad & back-lit graphic overlays, plastic cards and templates for a wide range of companies. Their customers include manufacturers of consumer appliances, computers, commercial machinery, communications equipment, medical devices, instrumentation and controls.

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  1. Alex says:

    Need a heavy duty sticker (2 x 2 ) QR code for retail stors

  2. Amee Hougas says:

    Congrats for being on the leading edge! Please share you experience here as you start getting responses. I’m sure there are many businesses who would love to hear about your journey.

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