Thankster QR Codes Turn Static Thank You Cards and Other Greetings Into Dynamic Multimedia Showcases

From Business Review:

qr codeThankster today announced that the company has added support for QR codes to its online thank you store. Now, in addition to being able to send real paper notes and thank you cards much more easily than in the past (with real handwriting), users can turn static cards into dynamic multimedia showcases by including these codes on its printed thank you cards, invitations and greeting cards. The QR codes give card recipients an easy way to access and enjoy related photos, videos, and other online mementos.

“Thankster has always been about combining online convenience with social niceties and gratitude,” said Paul Geller, Thankster CEO. “Now, with the addition of QR codes, we offer yet another high tech way to improve the experience of sending and receiving real cards. It is often de rigueur to send a physical card, either by etiquette or tradition,” he continued, and “Our new QR feature lets you bring the traditional paper card to life.” Mr. Geller described a typical example, in which “A user would first derive great satisfaction from reading his wedding or Bar Mitzvah┬áthank you note, and then be further pleased to scan the QR code on the back and see a photo or video from the affair, perhaps one with all the people from his table.”

The new functionality makes it possible to add QR codes to printed or electronic cards, en masse or individually, tailored to each recipient. In just a few steps, users can upload the files, or link to images from sites such as Flickr or YouTube, and associate these with a QR code that gets printed on the cards they are sending. Recipients can use any cell phone or computing device that has a camera and a QR code reader iPhone app or Android App to scan the code and instantly call up the images, offering a great way to summon cherished images or other content, and evoke warm feelings and strengthen social bonds.

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