GlyfCo QR codes engaging with customers


qr codeIncreased engagement with fans is critical as they become more demanding and need to be appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty. Through proactive engagement, QR codes are a quick and easy way of linking club marketing content with fans mobile phones.

GlyfCo offers a complete and professional QR code creation, tracking and management service. The company is founded on many years of experience in e-commerce.

The QR code platform GlyfBase, built and operated by GlyfCo, offers the reassurance of a sustainable, reliable and flexible service for clubs.

GlyfCo’s powerful platform provides proactive codes that are dynamic and easy to change by time or by date.

Tracking the codes gives clubs a measure of fans engagement and shows the success of QR campaigns.

Unique colour and logo codes depicting corporate identity can link to video clips, social networking and web sites or vouchers; all delivered to the fans before, during and post match.

We have seen venues increase sales and spend per head by getting vouchers to fans pre-match through Facebook and e-shots, encouraging fans to get there earlier and rewarding them for their loyalty with offers.

Clubs can sell the service on to their sponsors and advertisers so that they can engage directly with the fans. This has created huge added value to everyone involved.

Bournemouth International Centre and Pavilion Theatre introduced Glyfco QR codes to help drive pre-show beverage sales for their shows.

They introduced QR code vouchers to encourage customers to come to the venue earlier and save money on their redeemed voucher that they had downloaded onto their phones, using the Glyfco QR code voucher.

The vouchers were distributed through weekly e-shots, Facebook, on-screen at the venues, in the monthly Gig Guide. People use their favorite QR Code Reader iPhone app or Android App to interact with them.

In the first two months, more than 1,000 QR codes were downloaded and sales have increased by an average of 13 per cent in the period, which is very much down to targeted promotions and engagement with their customers.

Oracle Venue Management Service, who support BH Live with their strategic catering approach said: “The codes have been a great success. We can see when people are downloading the codes and work out which of our marketing methods is most cost effective, by using the Glyfco Analytics on their platform.

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