Paperlinks Android app hyperlinks the real world with QR codes, SMS and NFC

qr codesPaperlinks is a new Android app that gives users a simple interface for accessing interactive mobile content from any QR code or NFC tag in the real world. So far it’s like NFC-enabledScanLife. In that sense, Paperlinks QR Code reader too automatically scans QR codes (though not barcodes like ScanLife does) without touching a single button on the screen. But that’s not all – Paperlinks also comes with content summaries (where available) and tabs for your scan history.

On the other side of the equation, the platform enables interested companies and brands to create and manage customized QR code, NFC and SMS campaigns through a variety of app-like modules, design features and options for mobile commerce. For instance, the new module called “Order Takeout” helps restaurants create a mobile menu for customers to view, order and pay for takeout all within the iPhone app and Android App

Sounds neat, and considering Paperlinks has already some 50,000 customers — including companies like Nestle, House of Blues and Joe’s Jeans — it seems they’re onto something. We’ll see…

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