QR Codes on the Rise in Print Magazines

From ReadAndWriteWeb:

qr code readerMobile UX designers and marketing and analytics firm Nellymoser released today a comprehensive study of print magazine action codes. They took the time to review every 2011 issue of the top 100 national magazine titles: all 164,000 pages’ worth. They found a total of 4,400 QR Codes, MicrosoftTags, Spyderlynk SnapTags, BEE Tags, JagTags, Digimarc watermarks and other codes with an iPhone app or Android app QR Code reader. For each tag, they scanned and ran the resulting Web page or video. At least give them props for being thorough.

The results show to no surprise that despite their problems, tags are becoming more popular, from an average of two per issue at the beginning of the year to more than six nearing the end.

More than half of the codes or tags were used to link to a particular video, often created for particular mobile viewing such as a behind-the-scenes look or a product demo. Another third of the tags were used for sign ups for sweepstakes or opt-in mailing lists. Top brands using the tags included L’Oreal, Bose, Cuisinart, Revlon, Samsung, Delta faucets and Tag Heuer watches. Given this mix of brands, it isn’t surprising that the women’s magazine sector had the most tags. But what is interesting is that half of the magazine titles on the Q4 Top 10 list were not on the Top 10 list in Q3. These titles include ESPN magazine, People, Self, Sports Illustrated, and Time.

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