QR Code Book Provides Secrets to Broadcasting Directly from Paper


qr codeSpektacle Magazine has launched a new book called Broadcasting on Paper that aims to make magazines, newspapers and the printed page something exciting to read again – something that has not happened since the 20th Century - through the almighty QR Code.

QR Codes have been around for a few years but no other resource has explained in detail how to create QR Codes that are effective in engaging audiences through print. QR Codes can be used to make print articles “Likeable” in Facebook, can allow readers to purchase directly from the page, and can provide a quick way to allow readers to provide quick comments, just to name a few areas.

The book covers the entire QR campaign process step-by-step from deciding the best QR Code to use, how to create them, how to make them appeal visually, and how to manage them. In fact, Broadcasting on Paper provides a comprehensive look at everything that is involved in creating a truly distinctive and effective QR Code campaign using most QR Code Reader iPhone app or Android App.

In contrast to blogs, magazine articles and even other books covering the topic of QR Codes,Broadcasting on Paper has been designed with the reader in mind. Information is easy to digest, stylishly presented and not overly technical or filled with marketing jargon. As early reviewers have commented, “Broadcasting on Paper is the most stylish and easy to understand book covering QR Codes – ever.”

To inspire readers to create their own QR Code campaigns, the book also provides 48 examples on how QR Codes can be used to excite audiences in new and engaging ways.

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