Pet Recovery Service, Introduces Posters Updated with QR Codes to Help Return Pets Safely


qr is the #1 lost dog, cat and pet recovery service in the U.S.A. To help return pets safely, has added QR code (What’s a QR Code)  technology to all posters. The recent addition of the QR code technology has improved the success in the return of beloved pets.

When someone sees a poster, they can scan the QR poster code with their QR Code reader iPhone App or Android App of choice. This innovative technology is quite helpful with any lost pets. This person after scanning the code is taken to the pet’s profile page and instantly they will learn the pet’s medical information, backup contact information and other critical information that can help with the safe return of cats, dogs and other pets.

This new technology can only increase a pet owner’s chances of finding their lost pet with’s pet recovery system has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX television – with an average success rate of 77%. When your pet goes missing, goes into action, using phones, faxes and social media to let animal shelters, veterinarians, hospitals, pet stores and neighbors know about your pet. Adding QR codes to posters lets anyone who may have seen your pet, or who has found your pet have instant access to additional information that can be so helpful in providing that happy reunion with your pet.

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