From automotive to realty, QR codes are changing the world of marketing

From Lahaina News:

qr code readerWhat is black, white and spotted all over? Did you ever wonder what that ugly, square-shaped eyesore is on a billboard, magazine advertisement or even on a webpage?

Quick Response codes, most commonly referred to in the abbreviated form, QR codes, are fulfilling a growing need for websites to be more mobile-accessible. What started in the automotive industry as a way to track automobile parts through the manufacturing process has now become a marketing phenomenon for mobile phone users.

By simply downloading a QR Code reader iPhone app or Android app onto a smart phone, the user can scan QR codes and instantly be taken to a webpage, virtual tour, coupon or discount page, or even sent an automated response e-mail. It’s entertaining to try, interactive, and can be used almost anywhere and on almost anything. In December 2010, the “10th Anniversary Special of New York Times Magazine: The Year in Ideas,” featured on the cover a QR Code made completely of balloons.

Whalers Realty Inc.’s commitment to innovation and success has challenged the company to utilize the two-dimensional barcodes as part of their marketing strategy to improve the promotional sale and marketing of properties represented by the company. Whalers Realty has begun to incorporate this newest marketing trend in their print and interactive web advertising. You will begin to see QR codes in various Whalers Realty Inc. magazine advertisements, postcards, e-mailings, newsletters and even on for sale signs.

One of the ways Whalers Realty is taking full advantage of the QR code technology is placing the barcode on for sale signs. If interested buyers were to pass by a Whalers Realty for sale sign planted in front of a property with a QR code on it, they could scan the bar code and instantly be taken to a virtual tour of the inside of the home. They would know right away if they were interested in seeing the home for themselves or if they do not want to waste their time.

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  1. Giovanni says:

    This is absolutely true, real estate agents have been taking a step forward using technology to better sell homes these days. 

    It makes perfect sense to offer passers-by a chance to get a virtual tour of the home or at least the listing information on their smart phones just by scanning a simple QR code.

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