Electronic Business Cards, the first step to a paperless world?

QR Codes, E-Readers, more and more advanced smartphones… are we on the road to a paperless world? It’s a possibility we can’t deny. For one let’s remember one thing, as days go by, we are becoming more and more conscious on the serious consequences of mass consumption of our natural resources, specially trees which are basic in order to make paper, paper used in newspapers, magazines and such.

More and more people look for ways to save themselves the hassle of carrying heavy books everywhere, portability and mobility are the new standards, libraries are no longer places where you get books physically, now there are iPhone Apps and Android Apps that give you access to the latest literature best sellers and thousands of classics.  Meaning? You can read books, full books in your phone, wherever you are and whenever you want. All of that in mere seconds and without printing a single page.

And what about the ever increasing horde of e-book readers? These marvelous devices allow for one to carry thousands of books in a device as big as a slim notebook. And with access to both Wi-Fi and 3G networks for web access and book downloads, make our reading life simple. Believe it or not.

All these factors are the ones that point us to the belief that we’re, without a doubt, moving to a paperless society, a society in which printing a book is no longer needed, where being subscribed to a magazine or newspaper will no longer be walking out the door to retrieve our copy, but instead to check for notifications in our phone or e-reader about a new issue arriving.

Add to this, initiatives like YPrintit which is actually aimed at reducing the use of printed business cards by using electronic business cards instead.  And to achieve this, they propose the usage of a the emerging QR Code technology that allows for a smartphone to read said code from any screen or printed material and gather all kinds of contact information that it is then fed to the receiving phone’s address book.

But if you don’t believe us, then check what Ticketmaster is doing nowadays, you can choose to buy a ticket and get a barcode in your e-mail, then you go to the venue where the event you wish to attend is taking place and voilà, you show your phone screen at the door, the bar code is scanned and you’re allowed in.

So, how long will it take to get there? Probably a lot at this point, there’s still a huge amount of people who love the feeling a brand new book or to go look at newsstands to get their latest installment of news and/or gossip from their favorite stars, but one thing is certain, the day will come when we will see a society in which every publication will be digital and every person wishing to share something as simple as a business card will do it using QR Code technology and something as simple as an application in their smartphone to do so.

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  1. Pearle Abels says:

    Hi Rachel,Great information! Your directions were very clear. I’ve created two new QR codes using the steps that you provided. I haven’t sent out the mailings with these QRs yet, so they don’t have any views. Before they hit the masses, a few follow up questions … Where do I see them in google analytics? I checked “referral traffic” and they aren’t listed. I’m assuming b/c there is no traffic yet??? Do I have to use “referral” in the campaign medium for them to show up? I was specific about the medium (i.e., one QR is for a brochure and one is for a postcard, so that’s whay I put in those fields). Next question: What do I do if I completed all the steps in the Google URL builder and then want to change the website URL? How do I delete it and start over? Thanks!!

  2. miky says:

    Electronic business cards has bring a new boom in world business industry. It is a step ahead for world business to growth. A great perspective.
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