Tokyo’s QR Code ‘N Building’ – The Future of QR Code Applications?

Last year something truly spectacular came to Tokyo, Japan – something that technology buffs and QR Code enthusiasts in particular would find very entertaining and inspiring. That ‘something’ is the N Building.

This amazing building is located near Tachikawa Station, in a shopping district. The commercial building is unique, and of interest to QR code enthusiasts because one whole side of the building is a massive QR Code! That’s right – a big QR code was designed on one side of the building.

Passers-by who read the code with a mobile device will be directed to a site where they can browse shop information, make reservations and download coupons – all without being present in the actual building.

What’s more? Once you capture the QR code with your device, you can monitor the tweets and blogs of employees in the building in the form of “speech bubbles” on your screen. You can even track the postions of the employees if they are moving within the building.

This is truly amazing – and it certainly inspires one to think that the possibilities are endless with the QR code. Maybe one day we will be able to actually shop virtually by browsing product catalogs using special QR codes placed outside of departmental stores, or on billboards. We may even be able to make electronic payments through QR codes printed on shopping magazines!

Let’s come down to earth for a while and take a look at something amazing that is happening here and now: the QR code virtual business card. That’s right, a QR code business card you can share with your friends, family and associates who have a mobile device equipped with a QR code reader. e.g. iPhone, Android, and soon, Blackberry phones.

The Yprintit application allows users to create electronic business cards using templates of thousands of designs and inserting their contact information into a form. The virtual cards generated can then be shared with friends or associates via QR codes which can be sent to any QR-compatible phone which has the application installed.

Additionally, users can share multimedia files with each other – a social networking aspect of the application.

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  1. Sean, thanks for writing! How exactly are the accounting and law firms using QR codes? It’s interesting to see various industries and markets using them in different ways always fun to compare.

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