QR Codes as marketing tools

In the last couple of months a new tendency in marketing began to arise, and that is the use of QR Codes both in catalogues and newspapers as tools to increase sales.

We know QR codes have been used in applications such as electronic business card management or URL  redirecting. Now marketing gurus have seen in them the perfect tool to increase sales and promote products in a new and innovative way. The have finally began to see the advantage provided by all the information hat a single square can hold.

But what is it that they are doing? Well, for one, we now see catalogues that include QR Codes in the product description, this QR Code allows for the person who scans it with it’s mobile phone, the opportunity to, for example, see a video that goes in depth about the product displayed or direct to a webpage where there’s more information or even a secret coupon code for a discount or a promotion.

This can also be applied in retail stores as, in the price tag of a specific product, one can add a QR Code, which, when scanned can give the customer access to in depth information on the product, with the possibility of getting, like we mentioned above, a discount or an electronic coupon code that can be shown upon payment to receive such a discount or an additional free product.

But why has this happened? The main reason is, of course, the fact that more and more people carry smartphones with cameras which, by only installing a QR Reader software can easily take advantage of any QR Code that one can place around, and let’s not forget, QR Code Readers can scan and interpret QR Codes either in a printed surface (regardless of size) or in an electronic screen, prompting to innovative and creative ways to use them.

For example, close will be the day when a retail store will have QR Codes rotating on a screen so visitors can scan them and win prizes or discounts on said store. This is indeed the new tendency and we’re pretty sure that what we’re seeing now, is just the beginning.

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  1. Danke für die Infos. Ein fantastischer Beitrag.Ich freue mich schon auf Deinen nächsten Artikel.

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