10 Things We Can Do With QR Codes in the Future

QR Codes are here to stay. What was developed by Toyota Denso-Wave in the ’90s for encoding car speeds has metamorphosed into a barcode with multi-dimensional applications. Today we are starting to use QR codes in more diverse areas including ticketing, shopping, tagging and identity management.

One of the most popular applications of QR codes today is for encoding URL’s and text information for use with mobile phones. Let’s look at 10 things you can do with QR codes in the future, some more futuristic than others:

1. Identity Cards – QR Codes can be used to store identity information about company employees and school students. The QR Code ID cards would be scanned by a QR Code Reader to provide access to facilities.

2. Airline Tickets – A QR Code Generator can be used to generate computer-readable QR code airline tickets.

3. Money Transfers – QR codes can be used to generate a unique and secure QR money order or QR card, which a person can take to a bank to receive payment.

4. Shopping Checkout – In the future, we could have QR codes embedded on items sold at a shop, so that the checkout attendant would use a QR code scanner to process sales

5. File Archiving – It could be possible to convert different file types to unique QR codes (encoded data stream), whether as a form of encryption or as a convenient way to archive files for mass transfer.

6. Shopping Tags – I have seen some product tags that are part or entirely QR code, readable by QR scanner.

7. E-Money – QR codes can be used to process electronic payments, where a person would be assigned a unique QR code account by a bank. The QR code would act like an account number, and will be used to send/recieve payments.

8. QR Fax – Files to be faxed could be reduced to QR codes to save cost, since QR codes take up small spaces. The QR code fax can then be decoded on the recieving end by a QR code phone or other device to produce the actual files.

9. QR Music – Music media like CDs can be replaced with QR code discs which could hold much more songs in a smaller space.

10. QR Credit Cards – Most modern day credit cards are based on a chip and pin system. Credit cards in the future could be based on secure QR codes.

These are some of the interesting things we can do with QR codes, and of course some of them are a bit futuristic, but provide a way that QR codes can be used to make life easier.

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