QR Codes and Social Networks

A short while ago we talked about the new and future uses of QR Codes and how there are more and more iPhone Apps and Android Apps that read these codes for a wide variety of reasons, we also talked about QR Code Readers that do this or the other thing when interpreting these codes, from electronic business card management to chess games replays.
But there was one thing that we didn’t talked about, actually because nobody had tackled it, now somebody has and the future seems limitless, we’re talking about the merger between QR Codes and Social Networks. Specifically Facebook. Why Facebook? Well, as you know is this the biggest social network in the world today (closely followed by Twitter) and it allows for companies to promote their products and services through pages that people “Like” to show support and to learn continuously about them.
Now, a company has developed a technology that allows for QR Codes to be scanned with a mobile phone not only send the person to the desired Facebook page, but also, to automatically “Like” the page, this is a breakthrough in the use of QR Codes and QR Readers, because this time the application has become more active as it interacts with the destination page.
Big and small companies alike will benefit from this usage as they can include this QR Codes in their printed advertising and potential clients would then be sent to their Facebook page, not only giving people the opportunity to learn more but also, they’ll increase their social network presence with one single operation.
This shows us how QR Codes are evolving and how new and more complex applications are being develop each and every day, And now that they are tapping into the Social Media frenzy, the results can be unlimited.
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